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SQS Fiber Optics

Production of Fiber Optic, Optoelectronic and Precise Mechanical Components

Precise Mechanical Parts

High Precision CNC Machining

3D modelling
Complete technical design
Sub-micron precision machining
Multisensor measurement system

High ER Polarization Mantaining Products

Polarization Maintaining Optical Products

Optical patchcords, PM optical splitters, FBT PM Splitters and PM Fiber arrays

Hermetic Fiber optic feedthroughs

Hermetic Fiber optic feedthroughs

Hermetic optical fiber feedthroughs
High pressure, high vacuum (HV, UHV)
FC adapter interface, pigtail interface

Optical Connectors for High Power Applications

Optical Connectors for High Power Applications

optical power into SM fiber, they can be supplied with polarization maintaining
fiber (PM)

Optical Fiber Interconnect Assemblies

Optical cables for data transmission and measurement

Test and measurement optical cables
Ruggedized interconnection cables
Pre-terminated cable assemblies
SM, MM, PM, multi-fiber, high-power optical connection

LED Light Modules

Integrated Sources of LED Light

All-in-one solution
LED modules for intelligent lighting
Platform designed for customization
Direct connection to DC 5-42V power
Direct connection to AC 230V power

Optical splitters, combiners and fiber arrays

Optical splitters, combiners, fiber arrays and V-grooves

PLC splitters up to 128 output channels
Asymetric PLC, Telco PLC, PM PLC
1D and 2D Fiber arrays
for SM, MM, PM optical fibers
telco and short wavelengths

Monitring Line System MLS

Monitoring of optical data connections

Fiber optic monitoring system
Optical switches
Extinction ratio meter
NIR measurement set

Fiber Optic Sensors

Sensors, Monitoring Hardware and Software

Fluids and gases detection
Detection of plane surface deformation
2D analyses of organic substances

Precision Positioning Systems

ALIO Industries Nano Motion Systems

Nano Precision Focused Products
Integrated XY Motion Stages
Vertical Z Motion
Rotary Motion
Vacuum Motion
Long Stroke Motion

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Christmas, Christmas is coming… PF 2017

Dear business partners, dear friends: We wish you a Merry Christmas, and luck, good health and a lot of personal and professional success in the coming year of 2017.

SQS Vlaknova optika a.s. ...

Grant Decision

Grant Decision

On December 9, 2016 SQS Fiber Optics received a grant decision. The innovation project of "Purchase of machinery and equipment for prototyping" received support from the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness, support program Potential 1st call.

The main obj...

PM Vacuum Fiber Optic Feedthrough with Adapter

PM Vacuum Fiber Optic Feedthrough with Adapter

We have expanded our portfolio of vacuum feedthroughs. Now we are offering such an adaptor featuring feedthroughs, which are able to seal polarization maintaining fiber (PMf) within themselves with minimum insertion loss and maximum extinction ratio.

These feedthroughs are set...










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