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Certifikace od firmy USconec

Nyní jsme certifikovaní pro montáž optických konektorů MXC® od firmy USconec.
Konektory MXC® poskytují vysokou hustotu spojení a jsou tak vhodné i pro realizaci optického rozhraní optoelektronických prvků na PCB.

- Vysoko výkonové výpočty
- Pře...

Mini Modules by SQS

SQS is involved in creation of an ARINC 836A standard for small cabin enclosures Type II – Miniature MRP (Modular Rack Principle) called Mini Modules (MM).

The new standard creates a concept for the installation of optical and electrical devices in the cabin of the aircraft, with an e...

Project: Purchase of Machinery and Equipment for Prototyping

Project: Purchase of Machinery and Equipment for Prototyping

On December 9, 2016 SQS Fiber Optics received a grant decision. The innovation project of "Purchase of machinery and equipment for prototyping" received support from the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness, support program Potential 1st call.

The main obj...

Production of Fiber Optic, Optoelectronic and Precise Mechanical Components










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