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Optical Connectors for High Power Applications

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SQS Exhibiting at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017

SQS will present its current portfolio of products and services from areas of fiber optics, optoelectronics and micro machining at the booth number B3.513.

Come and see us, you will be welcome!

Laser World of PHOTONICS is the International Trade Fair for Photonics Compo...

Mini Modules by SQS

SQS is involved in creation of an ARINC 836A standard for small cabin enclosures Type II – Miniature MRP (Modular Rack Principle) called Mini Modules (MM).
The new standard creates a concept for the installation of optical and electrical devices in the cabin of the aircraft, with an emphasis ...

PM Vacuum Fiber Optic Feedthrough with Adapter

PM Vacuum Fiber Optic Feedthrough with Adapter

We have expanded our portfolio of vacuum feedthroughs. Now we are offering such an adaptor featuring feedthroughs, which are able to seal polarization maintaining fiber (PMf) within themselves with minimum insertion loss and maximum extinction ratio.

These feedthroughs are set...

Production of Fiber Optic, Optoelectronic and Precise Mechanical Components










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High ER Polarization Mantaining Products

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