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SQS Low Voltage or DC Powered LED Light HIC is an integrated HB LED source of light designed and manufactured as a compact module in the form of a hybrid integrated circuit (HIC).

SQS LED Light HIC introduces an LED lighting concept or a platform for customization. The concept generally consists in offering a ready-to-use LED light source including complete solutions of an electronic driving circuitry and an optical part (variety of lenses). All integrated in one package featuring a compact size, reliability, uniformity, efficiency and configurability.

Low Voltage LED Light Module Features:

  • switching step-down current source included in the package
  • input voltage 5 - 42 V DC
  • embedded intelligence (dimming)
  • all-in-one package - hybrid integrated circuit (HIC)
  • compact size (footprint of 12 x 30 mm)
  • maximized cooling performance – lead-frame thermal conductivity: 300 W/mK
  • designed for optional custom-made modifications

esigners and manufacturers of lighting solutions are getting a powerful component for wide range of industrial applications requiring a secure DC power supply. They are getting an LED light component in one ready-to-use package that just has to be connected to standard DC power. Besides it is possible to modify the optical part of the LED HIC to adjust photometric parameters, incl. color temperature (CCT), color rendering (CRI), and light distribution, to customers' requests.

SQS LED light hybrid integrated circuit designed as a platform for modifications, e.g. in:

  • LED types (power, color)
  • number of LEDs chips (from 1 to 9)
  • uspořádání komponentů na základně (PCB, LF)
  • lead frame layout
  • module size
  • DC power
  • control currents up to 1.5 A

Further SQS LED Lighting Concept Development:

  • power supply voltage up to 60 V DC
  • microprocessor unit for remote controlling
  • dimming dependent on the surrounding light conditions
  • 4-button remote control
  • additional „intelligence“, e.g. addressable modules, self diagnostics etc.
Catalog Sheet for Download in PDF pdf ikona

 Photometrical parameters

  Min. Typical Max.
otal optical power 2) - - 125 lm/W
Light efficacy - 85 lm/W -
CCT (correlated color temperature) 5000K - -
CRI (color rendering index) - 72 -
Typical beam angle - 123° -

Electrical parameters

  Min. Typical Max.
Power consumption 2) - - 15 W
DC input voltage 2) 5 V - 40 V
Current switching frequency 2) - - 500 KHz
Thermal resistance RJ(jLED-MCPCB)  3) - 1°C/W -

Other parameters

Dimension 27 x 20 x 7 mm
Maximum operating MCPCB temperature 1) 80°C
Storage temperature from -40°C to +85°C 

1) MCPCB - metal core printed circuit board.
2) It depends on FF-01 type (different configuration of LED chips, current, nominal DC voltage).
3)Value is predicted for final MCPCB versions where LEDs will be placed directly on MCPCB. Available developing univers MCPCB version (possible to attach various
   types of LED bare die chips) has thermal resistance approximately 5°C/W (there are placed extra ceramic inserts under the LED chips which substantially increase
   thermal resistance).

Luminous flux versus temperature Light distribution curve Light distribution curve>
Luminous Paramater Light Distribution Curve Tecnical drawing

LED modules 14V
LED modules 14V
LED modules 14V