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SQS Launches New WebsiteAfter several years of operation of the current website, we decided to substantially upgrade our web presentation. Creating a new website was necessary mainly due to the modernization of the source code by using new technologies such as XHTML, PHP, CSS, Flash and many others. Lightening the source code and use of these technologies will help speed up loading pages and their dynamic processing. The new system will also significantly contribute to the improvement and simplification of administration. The website has undergone a fundamental variation in the structure achieving a substantial simplification, streamlining and maximum user friendliness. We tried everything set up so that we have helped in particular our current and potential future customers to better orientation on the website and get the necessary information efficiently. Another very important reason for upgrading a SEO optimization, thus improving the accessibility of our Web pages for search engines so that our new website was the friendliest in search engines and we were more visible. We firmly believe and hope that our new website will attract many customers who will be happy to return to our website and to our company.