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Fiber Coupled Microlens ArraySQS has developed and offers potential customers a very interesting fiber array with optical fibers outputting at an angle of 90 ° with a very small bending radius. The main advantage of this solution of fiber array with bended optical fibers is an achievement of a very low profile of the component. Low Profile Fiber Arrays (LPFA) may be used e.g. for mounting on a printed circuit board where it can be directly aligned to an optical transceiver or other optical components in the form of a semiconductor chip.

The SQS solution of LPFA (Low Profile Fiber Array) is based on the newly developed Bended Fiber Technology for bending fiber-array-output fibers up to 90° while maintaining minimal dimensions.

Because of the initial request of low profile fiber array, the solution was very demanding. The great success of SQS is that, despite the extremely adverse conditions for the transmission of the optical signal, the Low Profile Fiber Array with optical fibers outputting at an angle of 90 ° achieves very good transmission parameters.


  • Min. dimensions: hight 4-5 mm, width 2.5 mm, length 2,5 mm (depends on number of channels
  • Guaranteed attenuation IL
  • Fibers terminated with any type of optical connector
  • Optical fiber G.657.B3