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Fiber Coupled Microlens ArraySQS has developed and offers 2D fiber arrays actively aligned onto microlens arrays (MLA). Thanks to the unique manufacturing process of Fiber Coupled Microlens Arrays including high-precision active alignment of optical fibers onto microlenses without any spacer between 2D array and MLA, SQS may offer customized solutions with high number of functional channels and minimal angle deviation of beams outputting the lenses. SQS Fiber Coupled Microlens Arrays keeps beam pointing accuracy less than 0.2° from ideal beam axis.

Due to the precise active fiber alignment onto the matrix of aspheric lenses, SQS may guarantee for all channels minimum insertion losses, and minimum tilts and offsets of outgoing light beams.

Upon request, SQS may provide also additional antireflection broadband coating that ensures minimum losses due to back reflections, or high-power type of solution.