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Optical fiber patchcords and pigtails with Diamond connectors still belong to the best available on the fiber optic market especially because of the active core alignment technology.

Active core alignment is carried out through a multi-layer ferrule (titan, ceramic). The aim of centering the fiber core is reduction of insertion loss and minimization of core eccentricity in connector connection.

Fiber optic cable assemblies are manufactured and tested to the most rigorous industry standards and their optical and mechanical parameters comply with corresponding IEC specifications.


  • 2,5 or 1,25 mm ferrule diameter, multi-layer (ceramic, titan)
  • type E2000, SC, FC, F3000 …
  • polishing: PC, APC
  • MM or SM optical fiber
  • standard quality (typ. IL ? 0,2 dB) or premium quality (? 0,1 dB)


  • test or measurement patch cords
  • sensor technology
  • telecommunications
  • industry and military application
  • active device interface
Catalog Sheet for Download in PDF pdf ikona
Parameters Singlemode  0.1dB APC/8° Singlemode  APC/8° Singlemode  PC/0° Multimode  PC/0°
Insertion Loss IL (Random mating) [dB] : * max 0,1 (unparalleled) typ. 0,2, max 0,4 typ. 0,2, max 0,4 typ. 0,2, max 0,4
Return Loss RL [dB]: ** min. 85 min. 70 min. 50 typ. 40
Connector type : E2000TM, F3000TM, SC, FC, DIN, ST, ...
Repeatability (1000 matings) [dB]: max +/- 0,1
Operating temperature  [°C]: -40 to +85
Storage temperature [°C]: -40 to +85
Color keying (thumb-latch & adapter frame)*** Blue, beige, black, red, orange, yellow, green, violet
IL max [dB] / λ[nm] - non telcom wavelengths 0,4/1050, 0,5/900, 0,6/850, 0,7/780, 0,9/630, 1,2/460

 *) Tested at 1310 and 1550 nm. **) Tested at 1310nm ***) Standard colors for connector/boot/adapter are: Beige/Black/Beige (MM PC 50um); Beige/Beige/Beige (MM PC 62,5um); Blue/Blue/Blue (SM PC); Green/Green/Green (SM APC).