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SQS FF02 high-voltage LED light engins adopt a proprietary and patented technology including driving scheme which allows LEDs to be driven from 230 V AC directly. The FF02 engines contain mostly surface mounted devices and high-voltage LEDs mounted in the form of bare chips directly attached to the substrate (COB technology) to minimize light engine dimensions and improve thermal management. There are no components that would significantly affect reliability of the LED light engine, e.g. electrolytic capacitors. The light engine is certified according to CE standards.

SQS FF02 LED light engins offer high light efficacy together with high reliability, uniformity, and efficiency in a compact all-solid-state package.


  • long lifetime, high reliability, direct 230V AC power supply, no power converters, no electrolytic capacitors
  • environmentally friendly (RoHS compliant) – lead-free, no restricted substances
  • excellent thermal management – HV LED InGaN chips directly attached to metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB)
  • high lumen output, high light efficacy ^polished mirroring area for back reflections improving light output
  • CRI and CCT variability – luminophore compound customization
  • CCT binning according to ANSI NEMA ANSLG C78.377-2008 standard
  • vynikající teplotní management (Al MCPCB)
  • compact size
  • custom light distribution – wide range of lenses. Materials: silicon, glass, PMMA. Types: spherical, aspherical, TIR, Fresnel, symetrical, asymmetrical.


  • LED lighting fixtures
  • interior and exterior building lighting (residential and public)
  • interior and exterior industrial lighting
  • park and street lighting
Catalog Sheet for Download in PDF pdf ikona
Electrical parameters Min. Typical Max.
Ff02 Light engine wattage 5W 10, 20, 30, 40W  
AC input voltage nominal 230V
Frequency nominal 50Hz
Power factor 0.91 0.93 0.96
Thermal resistance R (jLED-MCPCB) 0.95 °C/W

Photometrical parameters Standard values of CCT (other CCT available on demand)
3000 K 4700 K 6000 K
FF02 10W Typical luminous power [lm] 830 930 870
Typical light efficacy [lm/W] 83 93 87
FF02 20W Typical luminous power [lm] 1600 1800 1700
Typical light efficacy [lm/W] 80 90 85
FF02 30W Typical luminous power [lm] 2310 2610 2460
Typical light efficacy [lm/W] 77 87 82
FF02 40W Typical luminous power [lm] 2960 3360 3160
Typical light efficacy [lm/W] 74 84 79
Typical CRI 85 80 75
Typical beam angle 123°

Other parameters
Dimensions Ø 45 mm
Operating MCPCB temperature 1) 80 °C
Storage temperature from -40 °C to +80 °C

Notes:  1)Temperature of Al core of MCPCB.

light distribution curve-230V spectral diagram 230V lens lamp

All parameters measured at Ta = 22 °C. Optical parameters measured by MP4 production line measurement system including CAS 140 CT optical spectrometer and ISP 250 integrating sphere (Instrument Systems). LED modules powered by nominal sinusoidal voltage 230 V/50 Hz for 100 ms.

AC Powered LED Light Engines
AC Powered LED Light Engines
AC Powered LED Light Engines