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Hybrid Vacuum Feedthroughs are opto-mechanical components that offer multiple electrical and/or fiber optic connector interfaces on one common flange. All connectors are hermetically sealed in the flange and the component as a whole is designed for applications in a high and ultra-high vacuum, incl. environments with a wide range of ambient temperatures. The number and type of interfaces may be accommodated to customer requirements.

  • Customizable number and type of interfaces in the feedthrough's flange
  • Custom production of hermetic feedthroughs and metal flanges
  • Aplicable in a wide range of ambient temperatures
  • Designed for high and ultra high vacuum aplications

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Interface Description

Hybridní vláknové průchodky 1Micro - D with plug connection
9 - 51 contacts (MIL-DTL-83513)
Max. 300V DC/2A per pin
2D-Sub (pin/pin)
9 - 50 contacts (MIL-C-24308)
Max. 500V DC/3A per pin
3USB (female/male)
USB 2.0 or 3.0
Max. 30V RMS/1A
4Fiber feedthrough with adapter interface (female)
Female connector interface FC, ST, SMA 905
SM, MM (SI/GI), PM fiber
Sealed through o-rings into flange (easy replacement)
Without use additional mating sleeve / adapter
5Fiber feedthrough with pigtail interface
Connector interface FC, ST, SMA 905, LC, SC
SM, MM (SI/GI), PM fiber
Operating wavelength UV, VIS, NIR, IR (depends on sealed fiber)
Customized fiber length and fiber jacket
Single/Double side connectors
7Flange type & General parameters
CF, KF, ISO or custom
Operating temperature -40 +200°C
Hermeticity 10-10 to 10-12 mbar.l/s
Flange material 304, 304L or 316L

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Hybrid Vacuum Feedthrough
Hybrid Vacuum Feedthrough
Hybrid Vacuum Feedthrough