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SQS Vláknová optika a.s. is producer of FO patchcords/jumpers suitable for UHV environment and can be used in Vacuum up to 10-12 mbar.l/s. Process of assembling UHV patchcords needs UHV compatible proces of gluing as well as UHV connectors and bare fiber protected by loose tube. All mentioned patchords can be mated in UHV FC adapters which are also part of the our offer as well as UHV compatible fiber optic feedthroughs with pigtail or adapter interface.


  • Outstanding optical parameters
  • UHV compatible patchcords / adapters
  • Exact optical length on request
  • UHV FO feedthrougs on request
  • In the single and multivariate versions (SM / MM)
Catalog Sheet for Download in PDF pdf ikona

Fiber patchcord - parameters

Wavelengths 1310 / 1550 nm 850 / 1310 nm
Insertion loss IL (max/typ): 0,3 / 0,22 dB 0,3 / 0,2 dB
Return loss (UPC) IL (min/typ): > 55 / > 50 dB > 25 dB / > 40 dB
Return loss (APC) IL (min/typ): > 68 / > 60 dB NA
Repeatability - 500 matings: +/- 0,1 dB +/- 0,1 dB
Core/cladding/coating 9/125/155 polyimide (G.652D) 50/125/155 polyimide (OM2)
Connector FC/PC or APC (N or R type) FC/PC (N or R type)
Connector - material Stainless steel (304L/1,4307) Stainless steel (304L/1,4305)
Ferrule - material Zirconia ferrule Zirconia ferrule
Tubing 900um Polyimide or PTFE or steel tube Polyimide or PTFE or steel tube
Operating temperature -40 +85 °C -40 +85 °C


UHV patchcord s vysoce odolnou ochranou

  UHV-fiber Optic Patchcords


Návrhy adaptérů

Adapter Interface for conn. FC/PC or FC/APC narrow narrow -  key wide wide -  key narrow -  key wide
Key Hole N type ( 2,15 - 2,20 mm ) or R type ( 2,05 - 2,10 mm)
Material - body Stainless steel ( 1,4301 ) UHV applications UHV applications UHV applications
Material - sleeve Zirconia sleeve
Flange Full flange (rectangle)
Laser marking of flange On request