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Within the SQS Precision CNC Machining and Measurement Department, we comprehensively deal with the entire production and inspection process focusing on shape-complicated parts that meet high requirements for precision, quality of workmanship and defined roughness of machined surfaces.

Machining Technology Preparation, CNC Programming

Příprava technologie obrábění, CNC programování Using the latest version of CAM software makes it possible to efficiently perform: production feasibility assessment, production technology optimization, production process simulation, CNC programs preparation.

CNC Machining

CNC obráběníSQS workshop’s modern machine equipment has been chosen in view of covering a wide range of requirements for prototype development and production of high-precision mechanical parts.

Machined materials: brass, copper, ARCAP, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, titanium, Kovar, Inconel, Invar and other difficult to machine materials.

Swiss Type Lathe

Swiss Type Lathe

  • » Main spindle and counter-spindle for complex machining
  • » Turning, drilling, milling and tapping on pitch circle
  • » Range of machined diameters from 0,5 mm to 23 mm, production of long slender parts
  • » 12 controllable axes, 27 tool positions with up to 41 tools
  • » Driven tool unit with adjustable working angle (B axis) and simultaneous 5-axis machining capability
  • » Tool positions for drilling deep holes
  • » Additional high-speed tool spindles with 80,000 rpm

Multitasking Turning-Milling Center

Multitasking Turning-Milling CenterThe machine concept (based on the main spindle, counter-spindle and tool spindle) delivers balanced turning and milling capabilities, a large working space and machine variability tailored to the complex prototype production.

  • » Spindle passage 65 mm, standard turning diameters up to 300 mm, maximum turning diameter 640 mm, maximum turning length 1100 mm
  • » X / Y / Z axes travel: 700 / 250 / 1100 mm
  • » Linear encoders with a resolution increment of 0.05 µm in the X and Y axes
  • » Tool spindle with adjustable working angle of 225 °, maximum speed of 12,000 rpm and simultaneous 5-axis machining capability
  • » Variety of clamping options for turning and milling
  • » Tool changer for 40 tool positions, automatic tool exchange

High Precision Milling Center

High Precision Milling Center Three-axis milling center with additional rotary table (the 4th and 5th axis) for a five-axis machining. Unique positioning and rigidity together with a high-speed spindle predetermine the machine for finishing operations including the production of optical surfaces, work with micro-tools and for the production of milled parts with the highest accuracy requirements.

  • » X / Y / Z axis travel: 300 / 300 / 300 mm
  • » Ultra-precision aerostatic spindle with a maximum speed of 80,000 rpm
  • » XY plane high-accuracy measurement with a resolution of 0.01 µm and a positioning accuracy of ± 0.5 µm
  • » Simultaneous five-axis machining with rotary table
  • » Laser measurement of tools with tool damage detection
  • » 30-position magazine for automatic tool exchange


Measurements In the field of mechanical parts measurement, the department is equipped with top instruments from the world's leading manufacturers. The base consists of contact measurement of dimensions, geometric tolerances, profile and roughness. Due to the nature of the production, it is also necessary for the department to be equipped with a contactless measurement of micro-machining products.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Coordinate measuring machine

  • » Size of measuring space X / Y / Z: 300 / 200 / 200 mm
  • » Overall scanning or individual point scanning functions
  • » HD camera with image processing

A separate off-line station is used to prepare measurement plans, simulate measurement procedures and optimize them outside the coordinate measuring machine.

3D Optical Measurement Machine

3D optický měřicí strojDetailed inspections of surface profile and structure – the department uses a 3D optical measuring machine equipped with several lenses and software for composing and processing the measured data, including the possibility of automatic measurement and evaluation. The machine is also equipped with a motorized rotary axis unit for easy acquisition of complete 3D data.

  • » Optical measurement of dimensions, profile and roughness
  • » Focus variation principle
  • » Lenses with 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x magnification
  • » 100x magnification lens:
    • Vertical resolution 10 nm
    • Minimum measurable roughness Ra 0.03 µm, Sa 0.015 µm
    • Minimum measurable radius 1 µm

Contact Measurements of Roughness and Profile

Kontaktní měření drsnosti a profilu