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The fiber array manufacture is based on placing fiber in the high precision V-Groove Chip with another flat V-Groove Lid on top of it. The end face of the fiber array is optically polished, and on request available also with antireflection coating (ARC).

SQS Fiber Optic Arrays are manufactured and tested to the most rigorous industry standards. Their optical and mechanical performance meets IEC specifications and customer specified requirements.


  • Manufacturing according to customer requirements (standard drawing or custom solution)
  • High precision of fiber core positioning (core offset < 0,5 µm)
  • PM fiber available (polarization extinction ratio PER > 25 dB)
  • Single mode, multimode fiber
  • Custom solutions available
  • Atypical end face angle polishing available on request


  • From Single Channel up to 128 Channels
  • Many types of material (borosilicate glass, fused silica)


  • Fibers to PLCs
  • Fibers to lens arrays
  • Detectors
Catalog Sheet for Download in PDF pdf ikona

Specification Fiber Array

  SM Version MM/PM/MCF/SM-SPEC** Version
Channels up to 128 up to 64
V-groove/lid material borosilicate glass, fused silica borosilicate glass, fused silica
V-groove pitch 82, 127, 250 or custom 82, 127, 250 or custom
Polished end face APC, PC or custom APC, PC or custom
Fiber type SM Panda or Bow - tie or MCF
Operating wavelenght 1260 - 1650 nm 400 - 1950 nm
Fiber core offset 0.7 um (typ. 0.5 µm) 1 µm (typ. 0.7 µm)
Extinction ratio - ≥25 dB for the wavelength > 630nm
Angle misalignment Θ - ± 0.5°
Operating temperature -40 +85°C or custom -20 +80°C or custom
Anti-reflection coating on end face available on request available on request

* Only for PM version ** Fiber type and manufacturer must be approved in advance

Orientation of PM Fiber and MC Fiber
Aligned to Fast Axis Aligned to Slow Axis Custom Alignment MC Fiber Alignment
V-Grooves V-Grooves V-Grooves V-Grooves
Note: Different orientation of polarization maitaning or MCF fibers within fiber array is possible.

Shorter Lid Longer Lid Shorter right Longer right
V-Grooves V-Grooves V-Grooves V-Grooves

Examples of use