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Vláknové kolimátory

SQS manufactures very precise optical collimators for the transmission of an optical beam emerging from an optical fiber through various environments, over a customer-defined distance. Thanks to the active alignment of the optical fiber to the lens, we are able to offer a solution with minimal angular deflection of the beam relative to the mechanical axis of the lens. We offer standard single-channel collimators, as well as more complex 1D / 2D structures containing up to hundreds of collimated beams. We are able to design lenses exactly according to the customer's requirements and simulate (Zemax) their behavior in a given environment.

Micro-lens array with fiber interface

Our process of precise active alignment of 2D fiber arrays onto micro-lens arrays enables us to offer these assemblies with very high densities of these lens arrays, thus achieving a very high density of outgoing light beams. The choice of an appropriate lens array is based on the desired parameters of outgoing light beams or on application requirements specified by the customer.

The unique method of active alignment of the fibers onto the lenses as well as a very precise positioning of lenses within lens array ensures a very prices distribution and shape of outgoing light beams, that is, of minimum angle and offset deviation.

The use of micro-lens arrays with fiber interface is steadily expanding into new applications. At present they are used mostly in medicine, military, sensors and tele-communications.