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SQS Vlaknova optika offers fiber optic bundles creating special optical fiber light guides in various configurations. Variety of bundled fiber numbers and fiber arrangement patterns may be combined with various configurations of fibers on the other side of the bundle, e.g. straight, bifurcated or fan-out configuration.

Fibers may be terminated with standard optical connectors. Fixing ferrules may be customized.

Applications: Signal splitting or combining, light beam reshaping

Catalog Sheet for Download in PDF pdf ikona


Fiber type SI MM, GI MM, SM, PM, etc.
Connector type SMA 905, FC, ST, etc.
Ferrule material Metal (SS, Kovar, … ), Glass (Fused Silica), etc.
Tubing Metal, PVC, PTFE, PVDF, etc.
Pattern Round, square, line, hexagonal, cross, etc.
Fiber count   Based on customer requirements
Temperature range
Vacuum compatibility Optional UHV environment compliance


Bundled Fiber Pattern Examples

Hexagonal Square Cross Precise V-groove array
Fiber Optic Bundles Hexagonal Fiber Optic Bundles Square Fiber Optic Bundles Cross Fiber Optic Bundles Precise V-Groove Array


Bundle Configuration Examples

Bifurcated (Branched) fiber bundle Straight fiber bundl Fan-out fiber bundle
Fiber Optic Bundles Bifuraced Fiber Optic Bundles Straight Fan-out fiber bundle
7 bundled fibers to 6+1 fiber 7 bundled fibers to 7 fiber line 7 bundled fibers to 7 single fibers


Bifurcated Fiber Bundle
Straight Fiber Bundle
Fan-out Fiber Bundle