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Words of Appreciation by Chairman of the Board

I personally hired Jindriska Svecova in June 2000. She joined the sales department as an export manager.

After a short time Jindriska profiled herself as a very creative-minded employee and became an indispensable part of the sales team. Since 2002 she has worked as a Development and Strategy Officer. Jindriska actively participated in important decisions on the direction of further development of SQS Vlaknova optika.

She was involved in establishing and maintaining a very successful project with the Canadian company JDS Uniphase. This cooperation with the world leader in components for major telecommunications equipment manufacturers has significantly shifted our company. We have become a major supplier of optical components for the infrastructure of optical transmission systems.

In 2003 we established cooperation with the English company Sifam (now Gooch & Housego). We concluded a contract for production of optical components for aerospace and telecommunications. Since 2004 we have started to produce and supply optical components for undersea transmission systems for this company. Jindriska contributed greatly to the success of this long-term cooperation. Since the very beginning to present days she has participated in creation of contracts and setting conditions for cooperation as well as in everyday communication and maintenance of above-standard relations with Gooch & Housego.

Jindriska has always worked conscientiously, responsibly, proactively, with high expertise and a great deal of commitment.

I would like to thank Jindriska for more than 19 years of creative activity and great work for SQS. The results of her work have contributed to the good reputation of our company.

We wish Jindriska Svecova good health, permanent well-being and satisfaction in private and next professional life.

With respect

Wilhelm Quittner, Chairman of the Board of SQS Vlaknova optika a.s.