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4. místo týmu SQS v národním finále Talenty pro firmy 2022

SQS Team of the Future built a model of a nuclear power plant in the T-profi competitioni

Technically gifted children competed in the sixth nationwide round of the "T-profi" (Talents for Firms) organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic. A multi-generational team competition of primary school pupils, secondary school pupils, teachers and experts from practice as team captains took place on June 27-28 in Prague. The primary purpose of these competitions is to increase the prestige of vocational education and increase interest in technical education.

The Hradec Králové region was represented by the team of SQS Vláknová optika a.s. from Nové Paka, winner of the regional round. The talented students of the Secondary School of Engineering and Electrical Engineering, together with the gifted pupils of the Komenského Nová Paka Elementary School, took an excellent 4th place. The group led by captain Miloš Dolejší tackled a technically demanding task and stood up to strong competition from a total of twelve teams representing not only the regions of the Czech Republic, but also the Lower Silesian Voivodeship in Poland. The SQS team approached the unknown task very responsibly, focused and with great enthusiasm. The task of the competitors was to assemble a functional model of a nuclear power plant from a polytechnic kit with electronic control, which our regional team managed in the second fastest time and in very high quality. This success is a great achievement for all involved and we believe it will help attract new people interested in technical fields and trades.

"I see the benefit of this competition as a great opportunity to bring our company closer to the next generation in an attractive way and to actively influence the quality of vocational education and training", adds Mr. Miloš Dolejší, director of optical production at SQS Vláknová optika a.s.

Poděkování SQS za reprezentaci v národním finále Talenty pro firmy 2022

We thank the SQS team for a great performance. Their leading position is proof that the long-term support of cooperation between schools, companies and technology enthusiasts, which is one of the priorities of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Hradec Králové Region, makes sense.

(Source: Press release of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Hradec Králové)